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A good-sized garage doesn't necessarily mean good garage storage. On the contrary, in the absence of sound planning and quality fixtures, garage storage often deteriorates into piles of exposed chaos. Well-designed garage storage gives you a place to put things away, makes it easy to do so, and keeps stuff protected and out of sight until you need it again. Your garage is open for the world to see and to welcome you home. Wouldn't it be great if it were Storganized?

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No-nonsense garage storage is a thing of beauty, and Storganize has a wide array of quality garage storage solutions to help you put things away. With specialized cabinetry, heavy-duty shelving, ultra-flexible racks, and a broad range of accessories, Storganize can outfit your garage to make it work. Choose from 8 durable laminates around which to build the look you want, and trust the Outfitters at Storganize to get the job done.

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Storganizing Cabinets™ work great for storing smaller stuff and Storganize offers a variety of different styles. Wall cabinets, base cabinets and tall cabinets are all available in custom configurations and sizes to serve your needs and to maximize your space. They can be built to hang on the wall or stand on the floor. When you want to maximize the storage and organizing potential of your garage, Storganizing Cabinets are the place to start.

Pictures of Super Stor and Garage8

What truly sets Storganize apart, however, is SuperStor™ — a collection of larger structures for storing larger stuff. Super Closets™ enclose ultra heavy-duty adjustable shelves. Super Space™ houses the stuff you donít want on shelves, but donít want to see. And Super Racks™ are a flexible system for storing the gangly stuff you want to hang up.

Storganize can help you get the most from your garage. If you're tired of tripping over this to get to that, if you need this important area to serve your family's changing needs, and if you can appreciate the lasting value of quality products and top-notch service, we invite you to consider Storganizing your garage.



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